Our Expertise

Our tailored capital management solutions unlock equity value and are designed to differentiate our clients against their peer group.

Our culture

Our Solutions

Structured Reinsurance

Our bespoke reinsurance and capital solutions are tailored to client business goals creating enterprise value and centred on capital earnings management.

Managing General Agents (MGAs)

Our customized MGA solutions enable clients to achieve their growth aspirations, contribute to equity value and surpass market expectations.

Actuarial & Analysis

Augment Risk recognises Analytics as the core innovator of our industry; our models target 10x growth in our clients’ enterprise value, not just a 10% improvement in the price. We have a multi-disciplinary team of actuaries, data scientists, financial analysts and analytical brokers who work seamlessly to deliver bespoke capital solutions aligned to Capital, Rating Agency and Regulatory needs rather than products in boxes. In addition to this, our clients have direct access to our analytical insights – we take a consultative approach to help our clients achieve their strategic business objectives.

Legacy Reinsurance

Unlocking dormant capital enables our clients to redeploy resources, fuelling future growth opportunities. We combine retrospective with prospective reinsurance to create solutions that are independent to market cycles and pricing fluctuations through recurring transactions.

Parametric Reinsurance

Our parametric solutions improve client capital positions and drive sustainable growth through immediate liquidity post-event, product transparency, solvency benefit, and risk management diversification. We remove peak risk to drive portfolio optimization by utilizing highly sophisticated modelling, offering solutions for multiple perils.

ILS Solutions

Our ILS solutions enable clients to access private, institutional capital backing reinsurance structures which are underpinned by sophisticated statistical models. We provide true alternative capital diversification, supporting growth and improving value.